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About Us

The Byergo Angus legacy began over a six decades ago with one simple idea: provide superior beef products to satisfy the most discerning of palates. Upon this vision, we began a beef program based on Black Angus cattle. Why Black Angus beef? Because Black Angus is known as the gold standard for premium beef-consistently tender and delicious.

In 2015 brothers Drew and Bryson Byergo decided to add an element to their father’s and grandfather’s business of producing High Quality Angus Beef. For years Forrest and Andy Byergo have raised and sold quality angus cattle and beef off the farm. Now we will open up the office one night a week for customers to pick up their beef and also purchase individual packages of Byergo Angus Beef.

In 1950 the late Forrest Byergo purchased “Elia of South Oaks” and her 2 daughters, thus beginning Byergo Angus Farms. From these 3 females Byergo Angus would grow their herd to over 500 Angus females today, with a high percentage of them tracing back to “Elia of South Oaks”.

Byergo Angus has been fortunate to have many historic days along the way, most notably was “Byergo Black Revolution 36”. Listed are a few of the highlights.

                                           1975- Byergo Angus would get the break they had been working for. Homer Milikan would stop by the farm to look at the show steers. During his visit he saw a bull in the pasture “Byergos Black Revolution 36”. He told Forrest he would buy a steer if he could take the bull and show him. Later we would learn that he dropped the steer off and sold him at the local stockyards. The first show for “36” was a county show. Homer called with the results from the first show. “4th in his class”, Homer said. “Out of how many”, Forrest would ask. Homer replied, “4”. Forrest at this time said bring the bull home and we’ll turn him out. Homer asked Forrest to give him one more chance, to let him take him to the National Western in Denver. He said that the county judge just wasn’t ready for how much different “36” was. At the urging of his son Andy, Forrest reluctantly gave in and said take him to Denver. Four short months later at the 1976 National Western Stock Show judge Herman Purdy would choose “Byergo Black Revolution 36” as a division champion. A major feet at the time. The next day Loren Schlipf from Tree Lane Farms would show up at Forrest doorstep offering $17,000 for 2/3 interest in the bull. A price that was unthinkable for Forrest at the time, only 10 short years before Byergo Angus had sold their first $300 bull, a maternal brother to “36”, my how things had changed.

Byergos Black Revolution 36 would go on to be the number 2 bull in the breed for registrations in 1980 and 1981. Along with number 9 in 1982 and 11 in 1979, later Jim Gillooly and Herman Purdy would buy an interest for Stampede Farms in Canada. This would lay the framework for years to come.

1979- Byergo Angus and Wayview Farms would sell 1/3 interest in “Byergo Prophet” for $40,000. He would go on to have a stellar show career including Grand champion at the 1979 Louisville show.

1980- C.K. Allen would buy “Byergo Miss Revolution 187R” for $15,000.

1983- “Byergos Kodiak”- would sell ½ interest and no possession for $35,000 to Kodiak associates.

1985- Jim Gillooly would buy “Byergo Miss Elia 189B” For $7500.

1988- Harmony Hill Farms would buy “Byergo Miss Moriah” for $7500.

1991- “Byergo Miss Moriah 2” would be the talk of the show season as she won the Missouri State Fair.

1999- “Byergo Cupcake 8900” would turn every head in the barn. She was the crowd favorite everywhere she went and concluded her show career as a Division champion at the “American Royal” which was a national point show.

2001- “Byergo Fullcut 9700” would win the Circle A sire Alliance for carcass profitably selling for ½ interest for $16,000 and being leased to ABS Global

2004- Forrest Byergo is inducted into the Missouri Angus Hall of Fame.

2004- Drew Byergo wins the Silver Pitcher at the National Junior Angus Show, with his 2 heifers and bull. “Byergo Miss Elia 3390” “Byergo Miss Cupcake 3600” and “Byergo Sitting Bull 3600”.

2012- Byergo Angus Farms is the first family farm to ever have a bull sale average over $4,000 in the state of Missouri.

2014- “Byergo Andy 0115” is on display in the Yards at the national Western Stock Show. Where later that year his sons would out average all other sire groups by more than $1,000 a bull in the record breaking 2014 Byergo Sale.

2015- “Byergo Big Easy 2601” excitement is rising… to be seen

We are proud of the local, state, and national awards over the years but the focus has always been on the consumer, to provide a high quality eating experience. Today we still operate on the principals that Grandpa instilled years ago: be a good neighbor and treat people the way you want to be treated. We are very proud of the product we sell!